Independent Restaurant Buying Group goal is to negotiate the best rebate deals for Independently owned restaurants and help them with their purchases and manage their inventory.

Contact: Michael Sallis

Phone Number: 773-445-2091

Email Address: [email protected]

About Us

Independent Restaurant Buying Group was founded by Michael Sallis to help independently owned restaurants lower their food cost.  Michael Sallis has over 20 years experience working in the food industry for large food companies.  He has put together and managed  programs for other buying groups while working for General Mills and ACH Food Company.   Our goal is to work with food, beverage and supply companies to put in place rebate programs for restaurants and in cases when needed showing them how to purchase from broadline distributors to save time and spend more time at their restaurant or restaurants.


The Independent Restaurant Buying Group’s goal is to combine independently owned restaurants food, beverages and supply purchases. Then negotiate rebate money with food, beverage and supply companies on behalf of the restaurants. The rebates will be passed on to the independently owned restaurants base off their purchases. The more you purchase the bigger the rebate. There will be a one-time fee of $500.00 upon completion of the rebate negotiation.

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